Holiday Villa Portugal

Alojamento Local Number 25719/AL - with Turismo de Portugal

Holiday Villa Portugal

Facilities and Accessibility


Front view of Annexe with Tower and Main House:

Front view of Annexe with Tower and Main House

Please note: Annexe and tower access by arrangement only.

Rear view of House and Annexe with Tower:

Rear view of House and Annexe with Tower

Please note: Annexe and tower access by arrangement only.



More details and photos of the Bedrooms.

Dining Room:

Dining Room

More details and photos of the Dining Room.

Plenty of parking space:

Plenty of parking space

The Annexe and Tower:

The Annexe and Tower

Please note: Annexe and tower access by arrangement only.

Fully Tiled Upstairs Shower Room:

Fully Tiled Upstairs Shower Room

Fully Tiled Downstairs Shower Room:

Fully Tiled Downstairs Shower Room

Fully Tiled Kitchen:

Fully Tiled Kitchen

Fully Tiled Downstairs Bathroom:

Fully Tiled Downstairs Bathroom

A bit of the large Walled Garden:

A bit of the large Walled Garden



The house currently has no specific features to facilitate access by the physically less able-bodied, but access by wheelchair is easy via the side door using the removable ramp stored under the stairs. Floors are smooth, and access to everywhere on the ground floor (with the one double bedroom) is easy. The garden is largely flat and laid to cobblestones, which enable easy (if slightly bumpy) wheelchair access to most areas, and the rest of the garden is flat short grass which can also be crossed easily by wheelchairs when dry. Rua Lavoeira to the side of the property has a slight slope (which you can see in the photo on the home page), and Rua do Seixo to the front of the property is largely flat.


Alojamento Local (official rental licence number)

My villa has Alojamento Local Number 25719/AL and meets (or exceeds) all of the relevant criteria below.

Properties with an Alojamento Local number by law must:


Ground Plan

The property is large (around 2000 square metres). There is plenty of garden to relax in and masses of car parking space for larger groups. Very large vehicles such as motorhomes may not be able to pass under the arbour over the main gate, but can be parked in the village square in full view of the villa, or with the neighbours by arrangement.

Click on the image for a Google Earth placemark and open it with Google Earth. Also see Why Rent This House? and Why Central Portugal?

Ground PlanGround Plan


The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is large (approx 8m x 5m x 1.5m) and is ready to use. It has been fully renovated as an (optionally) eco-friendly hybrid bio-pool, together with a powerful direct-flow solar heating/cooling system. In summer it maintains between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius, day and night (there is night-time lighting). During the summer high season, the pool has a little chlorine added to prevent algae growing in the strong sunlight. At other times, when the pool system is biological, you don't need to worry about swimming with frogs, etc. because the bio-filter pond (basically a technically-advanced reed-bed system with various layers of specially-chosen aggregates) is separated from the main pool by the wall (seen in the foreground). However, some insects can fly and do make it over the wall, and also, with sunlight and as there can be nutrients in the water, you should expect some algae on the pool walls and floor. THIS IS HARMLESS AND PERFECTLY NORMAL! Whichever system is in use, there is a pump-driven circulation with an ultraviolet lamp to sterilize the water, ensuring that any unpleasant organisms do not survive the filtration processes.

The swimming pool

See below for just a few links to bio-pool information.


Dogs Allowed

Dogs are welcome - I love dogs, however... please keep them off the furniture at all times. Dogs may walk on the floor downstairs but please do not let them upstairs at all. If you can control your pets, that's fine, but if not, please make alternative arrangements for them. I have plenty of rope if you want to make an outside run for them.

Please note that if it becomes necessary to deep-clean the property as a result of your pet's contamination, or if a pet damages the property or furniture in any way, the return of your security deposit may be affected.



There is high speed WiFi in the villa and many parts of the garden: the main router is near the telephone in the living room. The passwords are listed under the routers. Also, the cafés in the centre of Santa Comba Dão, Arcada and O Pão Quente both have free WiFi and friendly staff... just by the taxi rank and the Galp petrol station. In fact, cafés and restaurants in Portugal have free WiFi more often than not.


The Annexe and Tower

Access to the annexe and tower is by prior arrangement only. An excellent view of the village and surrounding area is available from the top of the tower. When going up the tower, I strongly suggest climbing down backwards, because the stairs are much more like ladders, rather steep. Guests climb the tower at their own risk!

Also, please note that the annexe is an outbuilding and is therefore not cleaned. There may be dirt and spider webs throughout! There is a low resolution web camera at the top of the tower, which enables me to view the overall state of the weather, garden, and the colour of the pool water. If you wish this camera to be covered during your stay, please let me know.


Photo Gallery