Holiday Villa Portugal

Alojamento Local Number 25719/AL - with Turismo de Portugal

Holiday Villa Portugal

Supermarkets and Fuel

Fuel in Portugal is generally about thirty percent cheaper than in the UK!

In Santa Comba Dão, there are many shops, and three big supermarkets, Lidl and Intermarché, and a new Continente Bom Dia, about 2km away on the way into town from the villa - you can't miss them facing each each other from either side of the main road! They will have everything you want, and at good prices too. There is a Cepsa petrol station slightly further towards town. In the town centre opposite the taxi rank there is another small Galp petrol station. Also in the town centre there is a Pingo Doce supermarket as well as many other shops, including two "Chinese shops", which have practically everything you could possibly want.

Be careful, if you have a diesel car, to fill up with Gazole 'A' - because Gazole 'B' is the equivalent of the UK's "red diesel" (for agricultural vehicles and heating oil) and it may damage your vehicle, as well as being illegal to use!